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Special Birthday Memories To Keep

a group of twenty somethings celebrating a birthday with birthday boy pulling an exceptionally funny face

They come and go every year. At first they seem an eternity away, but as they add up they get quicker and quicker. Let me help keep your families birthday memories for your endless reference.

Anniversaries Shared Together

a wonderful sheffield couple with wife facing the camera wearing a beaming smile and hubby side on providing a gentle kiss on the cheek

One of the most wonderful events is the coming together of people. But what is more special then spending your life together and celebrating your never ending story?

Engagement Party Photographer

young couple close up head shot both facing the camera and smiling away

A pledge to & from your loved one. A commitment that really means the world. You are my one, my world and I celebrate this day with you and our dearest. Obviously you have to make sure your photo's are stunning.

Special Occasions Photography

a family celebrating a special occasion taking time out for paul to take their photograph poortrait style and in black and white

What ever the occasion rest assured I will be mingling discretely amongst your guests, recording your day as it unfolds for your families endless reference.

My Top 10 Budding Celebration Photographer Tips

  1. Enjoy expressions. Nothing shows the joy of celebrations more than a smiling face.
  2. Try a wide angle lens to capture those stunning celebration photos.
  3. Ready for the action? always be prepared for the unexpected and consider taking a second photographer for busy functions
  4. Be prepared to take lots of photos and have spare SD cards or film.
  5. Mix up your shots, the same image taken from a different angle or focal length can give it a whole new perspective
  6. List of all the shots your clients would like to get of their special celebration.
  7. Look for party details. Balloons, a stack of presents, candles softly glowing are all memories of a special day
  8. Add depth and interest to a group photo by taking it at an angle or off centre
  9. Take several photo's of everything you photograph including close up, distance shots and angles, you never know just what's going to work.
  10. If children are going to be attending the celebrations always get permission from the host of the party before taking any photos

Reason For Celebration Photography

There are so many times in life we have reasons to celebrate. birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions why not have a celebration photographer capture those treasured moments so you can relive them time and time again.

  • New Born Babies
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Occasions
  • Pets and exotic animals
  • Special Projects
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