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Your Pet Is Your Family

heres a very festive photo of a turkey head close up shot looking straight at the camer

For many of us our pets are an extension of our family and as such are loved the same as any other family member. I enjoy photographing the closeness between pet and owner. I love the quirkiness of their personalities as they learn to trust & relax around and me.

Pet Photography Styles

a sheffield iguana basking under a powerful light surrounded by cotton wool a lovely photo

I can take photo's of your family pet in your own home using our mobile studio or at any location. This often allows your pet to be more relaxed and can create some wonderful photos as your pet gleefully enjoys their natural surroundings and the extra attention.

Feline Cat Photography

a absolutely gorgeous ginger sleepy cat staring into the camera

Its all about me. I may play I may not. Cats really do have a mind of their own. Although this can be challenging it is the main basis for stunning feline photographs, especially when they're a bit sleepy.

Experienced Dog Photographer

large male dog with lovely pointy tall ears and the palest of blue eyes.

I adore dogs. Some dogs I'm sure are almost human. The way they look into your eyes. You just know they know. They really are smart. Then there's the loyalty. This is why dogs are so brilliant to photograph.

My Top 10 Budding Pet Photographer Tips

  1. Focus on eyes and expressions as these are the focal point of your image.
  2. Use a squeaky toy for distraction but never overwhelm the pet sitting.
  3. Never use a flash without a diffuser as once your animal loses trust in you, you have lost your chance of a good photo forever.
  4. Be patient, friendly and never force your subject to sit longer than they are conformable.
  5. Use a fast shutter speed to reduce the amount of time each animal has to sit.
  6. Remove any clutter so your subject interacts only with you and your camera.
  7. Make sure the animal has been fed and exercised as it is likely to be more amiable.
  8. Try to take time to observe and capture the character of the subject.
  9. Move slowly and get down to the subjects level so you can gain their trust.
  10. Take many shots from different angles and always try to keep it fun for everyone.

Your Pets Personality Captured In Print

I spend time with your pets to gain there trust. I have been capturing photos of peoples pets, domestic and exotic for over 30 years and would love to photograph yours and create wonderful memories you will keep forever. While the majority of my work is furry little friends I love a challenge and i'm happy to take photos of much more exotic animals.

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